Restaurant near Rome

Pino Al Mare as well as being a beautiful three star hotel, a fully equipped beach (also features beach volleyball) is also a great restaurant near Rome: we are in Santa Severa, Santa Marinella village, a few tens of miles from Rome.

From us after a hike in the mountains of Tolfa, or necropolis of Cerveteri and Tarquinia, a walk or simply to Civitavecchia near the Castle of Santa Severa, you can enjoy a cuisine based on fish made ​​up of many excellent ingredients, very fresh fish and a lot of skill of our chef.

Pino al Mare is a restaurant near Rome but also with spectacular sea views and located in a truly exceptional, given the proximity to Rome, but also to the many beauties of Etruria Lazio: the mountains of Tolfa and alum, which enjoy cool temperatures in summer, the various castles and Cerveteri Santa Marinella – apart from our wonderful.

Looking for a restaurant near Rome? Only one answer: Pine al Mare!

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