The old town is well preserved and very popular with tourists, although many of the historical monuments were destroyed by bombing in World War II.
The typical medieval scene is composed of the city’s oldest square, Piazza Leandra, where you can go beyond the medieval walls dell’Archetto through the passage, the upstream port of the ancient town dating from the ninth century, leading to the adjoining Piazza Saffi , according to St. John, which gives its name to the district and from which you reach the Church of Death (Oration and Death), the oldest in the city.
The historic port

The ancient port city, despite the changes over the centuries and the bombing of 1943, represents a major architectural work, as evidenced by some of the works it contains:

  • l’Antemurale;
  • il Forte Michelangelo;
  • la Rocca;
  • la Fontana del Vanvitelli;
  • il muraglione di Urbano VIII;
  • porta Livorno;
  • la torre del Lazzaretto.

To the north, just outside the city, a few meters from the highway, is a much appreciated since ancient times for the presence of underground thermal waters. Here there are the Baths of Trajan, or Terme Taurine, a myth that a bull (probably the equivalent of a deity) would have scraped the ground before starting a fight, so would have resulted in the miraculous spring of hot sulphurous water. The complex is now open to visitors. Not far downstream, there are the baths or baths Ficoncella Ficoncella, Civitavecchia and much appreciated by the Romans and take the name of Ficoncella, the fig tree located between the basins.

Terme have retained their original structure, made ​​of stone outdoor pools where you can admire the panorama of the valleys below and the sea on one side, the mountains of Tolfa other. The waters of sulfate-calcium waters Ficoncella are in excess of 40 º, to help you find relief from arthritis, allergies and dermatitis.

In the same area is the water park Aquafelix, the largest center of Italy, which in summer attracts many people from neighboring towns.

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